Dogs PME training courses

What is dogs PME (Physical & Mental Exercise)?

PME is developed by Dr. Penny Tai, DVM .  Maximum dog’s physical and mental exercise via easy gaming exercise by dog’s natural .It provides your dogs more aerobic exercise,  to gain mental and physical in balance, and also enhance the bond between you and your dogs.  PME gaming course is suitable for any owner with any dog in any ages, it’s playful and full of fun, and exciting to both you and your dogs. (閱讀全文…)

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2015 Detection Workshop Taiwan

經過兩年,目前已經培訓過48名訓練師,合格認證的目前也有四十位左右,為了提昇我們的訓練能力,於是我邀請了英國倫敦Heathrow國際機場的首席緝毒犬訓練師 Jane Sharp到台灣來做一場七天的Workshop以及Seiminar。

從以前沒有人相信行為的台灣走到現在可以越來越國際化的台灣,處處證明了,只要您一直往前跑,只要您堅持,就會有所改變,我們不怕改變的速度慢,只怕我們不願意改變,只怕我們不願意堅持。 (閱讀全文…)

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